At The Education Station, we teach thematic based lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate and incorporate the whole child.  The infant and toddler lessons encourage physical development, creativity, knowledge from the world and verbal skills.  Preschool lessons promote literacy, discovery, fine and gross motor skills, math and art.  All classrooms teach beginning Spanish and have group time learning as well.  We not only focus on educational skills, but social and emotional skills as well. Click here for a sample lesson plan.

  • Time schedules are flexible and smooth, dictated more by children’s needs than by adults and teachers.
  • Recognizing toddler’s need to repeat tasks until they master the steps and skills involved, caregivers allow toddlers to go at their own pace.
  • Teachers frequently read to toddlers, to one individually on their lap or to groups of two or three.
  • Teachers expect toddlers to explore and manipulate art materials but do not expect them to produce a finished art product.
  • Teachers recognize that routine tasks of living, such as eating, toileting and dressing are important opportunities to help children learn about their world, acquire skills and regulate their own behavior.
  • When toddlers reach an age when they feel confident and unafraid to sit on a toilet seat, teachers invite them to use the toilet, help them as needed, provide manageable clothing and positively reinforce them.
  • Teachers plan and prepare a learning environment that fosters children’s active exploration of materials and engagement with other children, adults and activities.
  • Teachers organize the daily schedule to allow for alternating periods of active and quite time, adequate nutrition and naptime.
  • Teachers plan a variety of concrete learning experiences with materials and people relevant to children’s own life experiences and that promote their interest, engagement in learning and conceptual development.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for children to plan and select many of their own activities from a variety of learning areas and projects they make available.
  • Teachers encourage children’s developing language and communication skills by talking with them throughout the day, speaking clearly, listening to their responses and providing opportunities for them to talk to each other.
  • Teachers provide many opportunities for children to learn to work collaboratively with others and to socially construct knowledge as well as develop social skills, such as cooperating, helping, negotiating and talking with other people to solve problems.
  • Curriculum goals address learning in all developmental areas-physical, social, emotional, language, aesthetic and intellectual.
  • Curriculum content from various disciplines, such as math, science or social studies is integrated through themes, projects, play and other learning experiences.
  • Teachers use a variety of approaches and provide daily opportunities to develop children’s language and literacy skills through meaningful experiences.
  • Planned indoor and outdoor activities, involving balancing, running, jumping and other vigorous movements, are provided to increase the child’s understanding of movement and support.
  • Children have opportunities throughout the day to develop fine-motor skills through play activities such as peg boards, beads to string, construction sets, puzzles, drawing, painting and cutting, and such routines as pouring juice or dressing themselves.

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