• Convenient hours for parent’s work schedules.

  • Program meets a variety of health and safety standards that help ensure your child will be safe.

  • Children are in a small group - this ensures proper supervision and individualized care so the child can receive more attention.

  • Teachers are reliable and stable - we do not have a high turn over – this helps build a strong and stable relationship.  Our teachers have been with The Education Station on average for 6 years.

  • Effective communication between teachers and parents – this helps ensure that the child is receiving consistent messages.

  • Our environment provides stimulation for learning, offering enough space for exercise and will expose the child to new ideas.

  • Toys are developmentally appropriate – they are challenging and fun for their age, we have a variety of stimulating toys and learning activities that are rotated throughout the year so the child will not get bored.

  • We provide an environment where children feel safe and comfortable.

  • We feel children need the structure of a schedule.  They become more comfortable and confident and experience a strong sense of control when they can predict what comes next.

  • We serve nutritious meals that meet federal quality standards to help your child grow.

  • We have a teacher/child led curriculum with planned learning activities and weekly themes led by experienced teachers.

  • Computer learning games available for children 24 months and older.

  • Regular field trips in the community so children are exposed to new places for ages 4 and older.

  • Monthly newsletter and menu to help keep the parent’s informed of upcoming events.

Highland Square Shopping Center

3111 Hwy 6 South

Sugar Land, TX 77478

phone 281-980-1112 fax 281-980-0238

email: educationstation2017@gmail.com